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We’re at our best when working for passionate clients on custom builds and creative projects. There’s nothing like seeing someone light up as their vision takes form.
Two teams handle new builds, and a third specialises in other renovations. There are 12 staff on the tools and 4 in the office.
love of creating


Nathan gets a kick out of building enthusiastic teams. “We get the boys involved in and excited about the project. I energise them with the customer’s vision. They attack it and get more on board.” What Nathan doesn’t say, is that he turns up on site, and picks the shittiest job. “It’s important that the boys see you involved.” There’s a group chat on Messenger, so any challenges can be addressed immediately. He's available at any time and things get sorted straight away.
“There was always movement and action. It was also always clean and tidy. I think you can always tell the quality of a builder by the way he leaves the site.”
“We have carefully selected our trusted subcontractors over the past 20 years, based on their high level of workmanship, quality and experience”
love of creating


Our real advantage comes through the synergy between Nathan’s creative, hands-on approach and Paul’s precision with quantity surveying, planning, and budgeting. It’s a symbiotic relationship. Having Paul in the office, keeping the subbies and paperwork on track, enables the building team to keep on the tools. Paul – the “conductor” is our secret weapon with his project tracking technology.
love of creating

inspiring careers

Whether it’s the members in our team or sub-contractors, we like to get everyone on board with the vision early on. This way, we know we’re all moving in the same direction towards a common goal - bringing clients' dreams to life. Plus, at the end of the day, it increases the quality of work and makes the job even more satisfying.
“We want the client to be involved every step of the way. It’s important to us that the client gets what they want, and that’s easier to achieve if they are engaged throughout the process"
"It was the culture of the guys on the whole team that made this build go so well"
love of creating


Creativity is not all about chaos. Completing a large-scale project like a home build or renovation also requires a certain level of order. Whether it’s planning and scheduling ahead, tidying the worksite each day, or simply letting the neighbours know when there needs to be an unusually early start — it’s all part of the creation process!  

two brains, one vision

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Preferred contractors for IAG

We’ve been active in rebuilding after the earthquake and are preferred independent contractors for IAG, specializing in complex $2m+ repairs and house lifts. Yes - the biggest, trickiest projects!  IAG brings us in after thier assessment of project difficulty, and values the fact that we are realistic about what needs doing.   

Clients wonder if we are in the pocket of IAG. No! Every repair gets cometitively tendered. Whilst we get paid on an hourly rate for hearings, in the build, there’s no kickback. We remain totally independent and are always working in the best interest of our customers (the contract is between us and the home owner).  IAG pays the bills.  

multiple brains,
one vision

Nathan Cook

Managing Director
The key attributes that Nathan brings to the team are fourfold:

He understands the criticality of strong leadership. He has built a widely skilled and qualified effective team and strives to ensure members derive satisfaction, challenge and enjoyment from thier work.

He possesses a creative bent - not satisfied with 'cookie cutter' builds, he is always on the lookout for and will recommend features and materials that add interest and value to new builds or renovations.

He is very solution focused. Through his extensive experience with earthquake repairs, Nathan has developed a skill for finding solutions to the complex issues that can be encounted in a building project, without incurring unnecessary costs.

Most importantly he understands how important a strong builder/client relationship is to a low stress project experience with a positive outcome. He is a good communicator and encourages client involvement throughout any building project.
"I still get Christmas messages from clients I built for 20 years ago" recalls Nathan. "Those enduring relationships are testiment to the mutually positive outcome and a re very special to me".
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Operations Director
Paul’s background is in Professional Project Management and Quantity Surveying.

Working closely alongside Nathan, Paul makes sure projects are progressing rapidly and running to schedule.

His extensive experience is put to use in the development of project build programs and budgets, keeping projects on time and within budget, while keeping a keen eye on the level of quality throughout the build process.

A maestro quantity surveyor, Paul is a details man and is all over the costings and specifications with a fine-tooth comb. His enviable memory and intellect come in handy in making sure each stage of the project runs smoothly. He knows exactly where the costs are at, if it’s a variation or not, and how much is left to pay. A weight off your shoulders!

Clients often comment re the confidence and peace of mind that control over the final bill brings.

“Building is an exciting time, but also a costly experience. Making sure that our clients enjoy the process and have confidence in our management of their budget is key to ensuring a positive outcome for everyone involved.”
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Jan McIntosh

Office Administrator / Health & Safety officer
Creating a warm and welcoming office for our clients is a key aspect of our company.

The Nathan Cook office is a hive of positivity and activity. Jan’s bubbly, infectious personality and great sense of humour help keep the ball rolling, and staff in line (“well, sort of,” she laughs).

When the phone rings in our office, you’ll be greeted by Jan, who is able to answer most questions herself, but when necessary, can direct you to the best place to answer our queries, be it another member of our NCB team, or the greater team.

As Health and Safety officer, Jan is often on-site, dealing with subcontractors, and ensures the company H&S certificates / documents are up to date. Her keen eye for detail and extensive knowledge and experience with health and safety helps to ensure both the NCB team and the greater team of subcontractors & suppliers continue to work safely and effectively, and all make it home each night.

Co-owner Annie and Jan are a winning back-office team, and ensure that the operation of the company is kept in line behind the scenes.
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We love what we do and our craftsmanship reflects this. Qualified and highly skilled we have the experience of delivering exceptional workmanship on time and within budget. As Certified Builders and members of Site Safe you can be completely confident.

Our tight knit team, lead by our team foremen, have been working together for many years. Alongside us are our team of subcontractors. We have carefully selected our Subcontractors over the past 20 years, based on their high levels of Workmanship, Quality and Experience. With a great attitude and work ethic respected by our clients you’ll enjoy working with us as much as we’ll enjoy working with you.

why us?


Transparent pricing and control over your budget.


We’re country people at heart. So, naturally, our favourite projects are the lifestyle builds, renovations, new homes and community projects.

It’s our joy to create with you. Live your best life in a home you love.


You’re in good hands with our team of passionate, qualified builders.

We are Licensed Building Practitioners and Certified Builders.

We will deliver you a quality product.

your vision is our mission

Deciding to renovate or build can be one of the biggest investments you’ll make. I genuinely care about what’s important to you and take the time to understand your needs.

Whether you’re looking to renovate your current home or build a new one, I’ll personally work with you throughout the entire process and ensure your build is a straightforward and enjoyable experience from design to completion.

With a transparent open book policy you’ll know what’s happening every step of the way.
I'm looking for
a motivated team
to bring my vision to life

You have a vision.

We have a way to get you there.

Share with us what you are creating, and let’s explore the next step in your journey.
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